Boom Reaches All Time High

When you hear the work tech there is one place and one place along that calls this placed home without any real competition and that as we all know is the Bay Area of California. The Bay Area has a record number of technology jobs that surpasses even the peak of the dot-com years, a surge fueled by a hiring binge over the past four years.
And thus despite worries about a potential slowdown, experts are beginning to say that that the Tech Bubble 2.0 doesn’t appear to be on the horizon. The Bay Area has about 750 thousand technology jobs that are directly hired within the tech sector directly and if you consider that those are usually on average pretty high paying and then you consider the fact that that money is going into the Bay Area as a whole you see that the Bay is tech and without it the whole region would collapse into disarray. To put this into perspective this is about 40 thousand more people than the height of the Dot-Com boom.
While the surge has brought jobs, it also has added to the regions housing and traffic woes, prompting some experts to warm that the expensive cost of living and a transportation snarls could imperil the remarks economic in the Silicon Valley and its nearby out post.

“We are creating all kinds of new tech jobs, but at the same time we are now where near to solving all the housing and traffic problems.” Says Robert Mayers, “What’s good is that these are realsly good high paying jobs, Whts bad is tech employment can be very volatile, so the Bay Area will expereince job losses disproportionatly in a down turn. That has happened in the past”

And if you were in the area at the last down turn you remember two words that come to mind, “No Migusta.” During the most recent 12 months the number of tech jobs actually grew by 4.6 percent in Santa Clara County, 2.6 in the East Bay and a big time 6.8 percent in San Francisco San Mateo Area.

So the experts believe that the Bay area job market is really likely to stay white hot for a little while longer at least. “People keep saying winter is coming for the tech sector but that isn’t happening….yet.”

Whether this is a good sign or not remains to be seen. What we can say about this is that the tech sector today is like a cancer that is growing uncontrollably and at the end of the day that puppy is going to kill the organism that is the Bay. Google, Apple, Facebook and Linkedin, are all now pursuing a major expansion of area and aquire offices land or both thorugh the bay area. This is not to mention Uber that is moving into a location that has remained vacant in Oakland for nearly 20 years. Things are looking good right now, but all it really means is that they are flying higher and higher and sure enough they’re gonna get burned.

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