A Few Concerns Surrounding Bio Tech This Decade

If you were to ask a majority of Americans they would say that they are in fact worried about the scientific advancements coming out in the next 10 years or so, and can you blame them ? The largest section of interest is that there is a large grey area surrounding the advancements that surround the enhancing of humans natural abilities, and who is going to get to wield this power and to what extent it will play on the future and shaping of our social spaces.http://healthpolicy-institute.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/biotech.jpg

In a more recent survey than the one I just cited, that was released on July 26 2016, researchers got people’s opinions on 3 emerging medical technologies: Gene editing to reduce a babies risk or disease all the way to making sure they were a certain height and had a certain hair color, synthetic blood with the aim of improving athletic ability, and finally perhaps one of the most out there was the idea that you could be given a brain implanted chip with the goal of improving ones cognitive ability and improve your retention of memories. The survey aimed to include a nationally Representative sample that featured more than 5 thousand American adults. In addition to this robust sample size, there was 47 people to discuss the technologies and their potential implications and thus to try to ascertain more about the humans opinions as they could be gleaned with only the survey, pure.
This being the case some argued that, “while no effort should be spared to help the sick, society should proceed with caution, regarding technologies that would boost the abilities of healthy people fearing a slippery slope towards the summary of the focus groups discussion.”

When it came to just gene editing there has recently gained ground, particularly with the rise of the technique refereed to by the fat cats as CRISPR, which if you know it lets scientists easily make changes to DNA. the tech has not yet been used in a person, but many researchers know it is possible and are urging that it get the green light.
Many people are afraid and rightfully so. This is because most Americans as we can see are living pay check to pay check. Something like this is going to cost a pretty penny, so who do we imagine is going to get first dibs at it. If you guessed the most Waspy white men in the world you were right. For a lot of people the idea of super honkies is a terrifying proposition and thus they are urging congress to slow the rate at which this can be done until it is at a price point more people can afford, or perhaps we just shouldn’t do it at all. Yeah getting old and dying is a scary proposition, we think life is short, but really its the longest things we’ll ever do. Within these debates what is coming to the fore is the repeated notion that begs the question and wants to get the core of what it means to be human in the fullest sense.

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