iPhone 7 Anticipation

No matter who you are or how closely you follow the tech industry there are certain aspects of it that are undeniable to any onlooker. One thing that is impossible to miss is the public relationship and valuation of Apple as a company today and more importantly going into the future. This is considered in a context where Apple experienced its first lost in a quarter in over 5 years. If there were ever a panic time time is it. People are trying to stay easy peasy and go business as usual but as we know there is nothing usual about the Apple of late and where they are going to pick them selves next. klj88888

The Apple iPhone has been their bread and butter for almost a decade now, and the 7 will mark the 10 year mark of this time frame. The stage is set for a moment where all eyes are on Apple and how they respond is going to speak volumes about what we can expect to hear and see from them going into the future. The reason being is that they have not had a world changing product or moon shot in some time. The reason being is that their current CEO Tim Cooke is at the helm. Cook is a brilliant man, and is probably the best man in the world to make sure that the things remain their course and that hiccups get dealt with appropriately. The Problem is, is that Apple does not need to stay the course as they understand it, and in fact they need a product that is going to drastically change the world if they are going to get back to grace. Since the death of Steve Jobs no one has really filled that vacuum at Apple and it has been a painful slow deterioration to watch from a far once you realize it is taking place.They need a product that will change the market.
So a lot of stake is being placed on the iPhone 7 because if they are not going to put out anything far and away amazing in any world chaining sense before then, they should at least strive to create something that is innovative and awe inspiring in its own right. What Apple need to get out of this ideally is a kind of PR makeover. People for the most part who were once die hard Apple product people are starting to question their blind loyalty to a company that day in and day out is striding more and more the the center in terms of performance, and further and further out towards the polls in terms of cost. I mean way far out there. If you consider any Apple product you have you think about how much you feel nickle and dimed at every turn. If you want a new charger or software upgrade, you know that what would cost rival companies to do something very similar for their customers is a head ache and a half when it comes to Apple because the cost of their accessories is frankly ridiculous.

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