Boom Reaches All Time High

When you hear the work tech there is one place and one place along that calls this placed home without any real competition and that as we all know is the Bay Area of California. The Bay Area has a record number of technology jobs that surpasses even the peak of the dot-com years, a surge fueled by a hiring binge over the past four years.
And thus despite worries about a potential slowdown, experts are beginning to say that that the Tech Bubble 2.0 doesn’t appear to be on the horizon. The Bay Area has about 750 thousand technology jobs that are directly hired within the tech sector directly and if you consider that those are usually on average pretty high paying and then you consider the fact that that money is going into the Bay Area as a whole you see that the Bay is tech and without it the whole region would collapse into disarray. To put this into perspective this is about 40 thousand more people than the height of the Dot-Com boom.
While the surge has brought jobs, it also has added to the regions housing and traffic woes, prompting some experts to warm that the expensive cost of living and a transportation snarls could imperil the remarks economic in the Silicon Valley and its nearby out post.

“We are creating all kinds of new tech jobs, but at the same time we are now where near to solving all the housing and traffic problems.” Says Robert Mayers, “What’s good is that these are realsly good high paying jobs, Whts bad is tech employment can be very volatile, so the Bay Area will expereince job losses disproportionatly in a down turn. That has happened in the past”

And if you were in the area at the last down turn you remember two words that come to mind, “No Migusta.” During the most recent 12 months the number of tech jobs actually grew by 4.6 percent in Santa Clara County, 2.6 in the East Bay and a big time 6.8 percent in San Francisco San Mateo Area.

So the experts believe that the Bay area job market is really likely to stay white hot for a little while longer at least. “People keep saying winter is coming for the tech sector but that isn’t happening….yet.”

Whether this is a good sign or not remains to be seen. What we can say about this is that the tech sector today is like a cancer that is growing uncontrollably and at the end of the day that puppy is going to kill the organism that is the Bay. Google, Apple, Facebook and Linkedin, are all now pursuing a major expansion of area and aquire offices land or both thorugh the bay area. This is not to mention Uber that is moving into a location that has remained vacant in Oakland for nearly 20 years. Things are looking good right now, but all it really means is that they are flying higher and higher and sure enough they’re gonna get burned.

Techs New Frontier For Space Exploration.

Imagine being 220 miles above the Earths surface when all of a sudden,blam, that extremely intricate, highly specialized and expensive part you need to complete you extremely specialized missions task up and breaks. Going back is out of the question,and not completing you experiment makes the trip a near failure. This is where space exploration was for a long, long time. However today N.A.S.A is asking “why not just print the part?” Across the board new frontiers are being embarked on in Tech norms.

In 2014 There we American astronauts for the first time who were able to print a tool, a ratchet wrench to be more specific. Using a design that N.A.S.A sent the file for from the Ground they were able to send the G-codes while the vessel flew through space at free fall speeds. If it seems like this is straight out of science fiction, well it kind of is. This is the principle to the Star Trek replicators, which allow the rapid creation of goods and materials at a moments notice to reduce the storage demand and allows for quick response to unforeseen problems. wrrn
“Unlike packaged food that floats in zero gravity conditions eD printed food can be neatly formed and ordered, said CEO of BeeHex Anjan Contractor. This man is posed with the task of developing a machine that can 3D print a pizza for space. This is going to be an even more difficult task than you might imagine given that fact that without the existence of gravity as an orientation point it makes it extremely difficult to 3D print at all. The existence of the food being 3D printable is that on the missions the individual Astronauts dietary needs are specific to themselves alone it is difficult to store and create meals for each person individually, not to mention not having a way to think of the fly and make changes is the health of the astronaut suddenly changes and the old food would not be optimal. With 3D printing allowing for an extremely high level of quality control and fine tuning they will be aloud to make changes on the fly and get the individual what they need. bnfghgh

When this is considered for what the future of manufacturing or production will look like in space the future seems very promising, considering the fact that in the future material mined from old satellites and even meteors and other space debris could be harvested as a means to be the basis of 3D printed products. The implications of this are huge, and remove much of the traditional problems we consider when thinking of space exploration. Mainly how to get materials out of the initial pull of the earths gravity out into the outer atmosphere. “a lot of the times the printed parts will need some cleanup work before they can be used” said Jeremy Irons Mechanical design engineer at Creative Engineering. Still that alone as being a means to do the heavy lifting of building in space is very promising and will be the future of what we think of when we think of space travel.

What Determines Your CPU’s Clock Speed?

The clock cycle, or the amount of time between two oscillator pulses, determines the speed of a CPU. The oscillator, or oscillator crystal, is an electronic oscillator circuit that uses the mechanical resonance of a vibrating crystal of piezoelectric material to create an electric signal with a precise frequency.

piezoelectricityPiezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress. The word piezoelectricity means, literally, electricity resulting from pressure. The piezoelectric effect is understood as the linear electromechanical interaction between the mechanical and the electrical state in crystalline materials, the effect is a reversible process, meaning that just as the internal generation of electrical charge can result from an applied mechanical force, an applied electrical field can result in the generation of internal mechanical strain.

Anyway, the crystal oscillator produces a fixed sine wave that makes up the frequency reference signal. Electronic circuitry then translates that into a square wave at the same frequency for digital electronics applications (or, in using a CPU multiplier, some fixed multiple of the crystal frequency reference frequency). The clock distribution network inside the CPU then carries that clock signal to all the parts that need it.

The time between the two oscillator pulses, or the clock speed, is measured in MHz or GHz. For example, a 5GHz processor performs 5,000,000,000 clock cycles per second.

For some time now, the clock speed achievable by crystal oscillators every year has increased by roughly 2 times the top speed of the previous year, allowing for processors to run faster and faster.

no speed limitElectrical engineers are constantly trying to figure out how to combat the heat generated by the oscillator once it passes certain speeds and gate delays. Liquid nitrogen and liquid helium have both been utilized in an attempt to combat the heat.

That said, the clock speed achievable by a CPU is not the only determinant of the processing speed of that CPU. For an example of this, take the fact that some processors can send one instruction per clock pulse while others can send more than one.

An instruction is an order that a computer program gives to a computer processor. The order is composed of a set of binary codes that together describe a physical operation the computer is to perform as well as information regarding particular storage areas that may contain data relevant to that order.

Processors that can send multiple instructions per clock pulse will work faster at a given clock speed than processers that can perform only one instruction per clock pulse.

Bus speed is another factor outside of clock speed that affects processing speeds. A bus is a circuit between two parts of a motherboard. The width of the circuit determines how much data that circuit can handle at once, with wider circuits being able to handle more. Bus speed refers to how much data can be moved across the bus simultaneously.

Excessive clock speed can actually destabilize a processor that doesn’t have matching upgraded components.